Rockville Wage And Hour Claims Lawyers

A subset of the firm's employment practice includes counsel and litigation regarding wage and hour matters, including overtime, commissions, unpaid wages and other issues involving compensation. In Maryland, the payment of wages to employees is governed chiefly by the Fair Labor Standards Act (and its state law equivalent) and Maryland's Wage Payment and Collection law. In a nutshell, the Fair Labor Standards Act governs the payment of overtime compensation and minimum wage and the Wage Payment and Collection law governs the payment of an employee's wages and provides for up to treble (triple) damages if an employer fails to pay wages in a timely manner.

We regularly provide advice to business clients and individuals with regard to complex wage and hour issues such as:

  • Classification of employees as "exempt" or "nonexempt" under the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Overtime compensation
  • Minimum wage
  • Withholding of compensation
  • Payment of wages and other compensation at the conclusion of the employment relationship
  • Severance pay
  • Commissions and bonuses, including the obligation to continue to pay such compensation to employees after the conclusion of the employment relationship

Marc J. Smith, who leads the firm's wage and hour practice, has successfully defended clients in litigation involving substantial alleged unpaid compensation and has helped clients recover millions of dollars in earned commissions and wages in negotiation and litigation. In 2011 alone, Mr. Smith was able to recover more than $1.2 million in unpaid wages and commissions for his clients.

To discuss any legal issue in an initial consultation with our Rockville wage and hour claims attorney, call 301-637-0894 or email the firm.